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The Basics of HR and OHS Compliance: What Employers Should Know

Did you know it is mandatory for employers to educate staff on their health & safety responsibilities? It is illegal to pay your minimum wage staff less than the set minimum wage. You also cannot punish a worker for exercising their rights under the law, such as refusing unsafe work.

In this webinar, our HR and health & safety expert Brian Mabee discusses the foundational blocks of HR and OHS compliance to help employers understand the nitty-gritty of key legislation related to employment in Canada.

Understanding the nitty-gritty of employment and health & safety law – especially if you operate across provinces – can be difficult. But it is critical to know.

Non-compliance with laws can expose your business to fines, penalties, legal claims, and even closure.


After watching this webinar, you will understand:

  • the purpose of the employment standards legislation  
  • how to be compliant with your employment standards 
  • the benefits of having contracts and documentation 
  • the Occupational Health & Safety Act
  • what to include in your OHS manual and the basics of OHS compliance
  • the consequences of non-compliance 

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Our Speaker

Brian Mabee - Lead SafeWorkCheck Consultant, Peninsula Canada

Brian Mabee is the Lead SafeWorkCheck Consultant at Peninsula Canada. He is a seasoned HR / OHS professional who understands small business operations. Using his 25+ years of experience in Occupational Health & Safety and employment compliance, he has helped hundreds of small business owners meet OHS requirements, create safer workplaces, and manage their employer obligations in the workplace.