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How to Handle Tough HR Conversations: Expert Advice for Employers

Do you shy away from having difficult conversations with staff? Like having to deny a raise request or speak to an employee about poor personal hygiene?

Often, employers or supervisors may drag their feet in such situations as they are uncertain about how to approach such hard conversations.

But managing staff effectively is part of running a business and it is important that you address such issues promptly. Putting off tough conversations to evade confrontation or for the fear of upsetting your employees only worsens the matter.

In this webinar, our legal expert – Olivia Cicchini – shares best practices on how employers should handle difficult HR conversations and make them effective and productive.

After watching this webinar, you’ll know:
  • The basics of preparing for tough conversations
  • How to deny a raise request
  • Best practices for addressing sensitive subjects with staff
  • How to place employees on a Performance Improvement Plan
  • How to prepare for and conduct a termination meeting

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Meet Our Speaker

Olivia Cicchini - Senior Legal Content Specialist & Presenter, Peninsula Canada

As a licensed paralegal in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario, Olivia holds the title of Senior Legal Content Specialist within the Legal Department at Peninsula Canada.

Olivia joined Peninsula in 2020 as a Legal Claims Consultant where she assisted small to mid-sized business clients as their legal representative. She then transitioned to her current role where she aids with drafting, editing and general oversight of the legal content within the Company. Previously, Olivia worked as a paralegal associate at an employment law firm in Downtown Toronto.

Through her years of experience, Olivia has developed a thorough knowledge of employment legislation and has become well-versed in legal drafting. Olivia is passionate about writing legal content that is both comprehensive and easy to understand; a skill which she utilizes daily in her role.

Olivia’s incisive commentary regularly appears on radio, websites and in newspapers. Her views have been featured on CBC Radio, CTV News, CP24, and Toronto Sun.