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Dark Side of HR: How to Keep Harassment and Bullying Out of Your Workplace

Harassment and bullying causes physical and psychological stress and hinders your employees from doing their job well. Unchecked workplace harassment may also escalate into violence.

Are you aware of your obligations when it comes to preventing and addressing workplace bullying and harassment? Do you have a policy to prevent workplace violence, harassment, and bullying?

As an employer, you are obliged to take all reasonable precautions to provide a safe and healthy workplace for your employees. This includes a work environment free of bullying and harassment.
In this webinar, our experts – Amanda Chadwick and Michelle Ann Zoleta – discuss how employers can build a respectful workplace culture free of violence, harassment, and bullying.

After watching this webinar, you’ll know:
  • What is considered as workplace harassment and bullying
  • The different forms of workplace harassment and bullying
  • What is not considered to be workplace harassment and bullying
  • How to prevent workplace harassment and bullying
  • What to cover in your workplace harassment and bullying policy

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Meet Our Speakers

Amanda Chadwick - HR, health & safety & employee wellbeing expert, Peninsula Canada

Amanda is an experienced and well-known speaker, specializing in all areas of HR management, health & safety, and employee wellbeing.

She has worked as a successful presenter/broadcaster/author for over 25 years, advising tens of thousands of business owners on everyday issues in employee relations and health and safety law, by mediating, mentoring, presenting, writing, and blogging.

Amanda’s past has involved working in the media, developing training packages, holding motivational conferences, and keeping business owners updated via her webinars and social media.

Michelle Ann Zoleta - Health and Safety Team Lead, Peninsula Canada

As the Health and Safety Team Lead, Michelle provides guidance to Peninsula clients on complex health and safety issues.

Michelle joined Peninsula Canada in 2018 and is responsible for ensuring the company’s internal health and safety compliance.

She also coaches the health & safety advisory team on addressing difficult inquiries from clients in the eight provinces where Peninsula operates.

Michelle has sound knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety laws and regulations across Canada. She collaborates with different internal departments to ensure Peninsula’s health and safety services are up to date with legislation and industry best practices.

She has extensive experience in providing consultation to clients on all aspects of health and safety management — offering timely answers and effective solutions to their concerns.

Michelle is passionate about ensuring all Peninsula clients get the professional advice and assistance they are seeking to comply with the health and safety laws