Due to this unprecedented period of economic insecurity, Peninsula has created a short-term SOS service to ensure your HR concerns are dealt with fast and effectively.

We Provide

24/7 Advice Line

Receive prompt support with any HR or employment law issues in your business. Available 24/7, all year round.

Q&A Fact Sheet

Regularly updated with the latest guidance from the government to ensure accuracy.

COVID-19 Toolkit

Featuring downloadable policies & letter templates. Everything you need to see you through the COVID-19.

Crisis Support

Support from our team of experts, including detailed action plans specific to your organisation.

MOL Representation

Guide you through any enforcement actions, and provide expert legal representation.

Complimentary Consultation

Peninsula will examine your workplace documentation to help you be compliant.

The Peninsula team will provide a once-over completely free of charge. There's no obligation to use our services and no pressure. Guaranteed.
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About the SOS Service

Canada is currently undergoing a period of uncertainty unseen in a generation. To combat that uncertainty you need a team of industry experts to guide you through. If you’re worried your business is teetering on the edge, we’ve got the resources to help pull you back from the brink.

We’ve assembled guidance on all the key HR issues COVID-19 poses, and for those problems that need a little extra support, we’ll just be a phone call away.

What our clients say about us

“The service today was brilliant! In spite of the huge volume of calls you guys must be receiving in the wake of Coronavirus, I was routed through quickly to an advisor working from home. The service today was brilliant!”

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